Clinical Nutritionist and Chiropractor

Consultations available via Internet and telephone.

“I believe in our body’s innate ability to maintain itself.

I believe that our lifestyle choices are the single most important health factor in that process.

I believe there are hierarchies of causative factors that create ill physical health that begin with mental and emotional status first.

Stress has been defined as our ability to adapt to our environment. An enormous overload of chemicals (in our food, air, water homes, workplaces, recreation places), of heavy metals and ‘electro smog’ poses challenges for the human organism as it struggles to maintain health. All of these stressors can be modulated by our lifestyle choices. When they overwhelm our biological functions and we become ill, I believe in natural methods of intervention to support the body’s journey to wellness.”

— Dr. Andrew Millar

Dr. Andrew J. Millar
Clinical Nutritionist
& Chiropractor

Consultations available via Internet and telephone.

Phone: 914-819-8573
Fax: 845-520-9160

Please call for an appointment and Personal Coaching.

Personal Coaching
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