German Biological Medicine

German Biological Medicine

German Biological Medicine is the name given to the traditional healing method developed in Europe over the centuries.

Long before there was Merck & Co., (add others) traditional healers were using the plant life found in their regions to help those who were sick to get well. This tradition is found all over the earth, from China to Chile, from South Africa to North America. What distinguishes German Biological Medicine from many of the others is the extensive research and documentation that has accompanied its development in Germany.

This precise body of knowledge is now being practiced in the U.S. Many of the health problems that are a result of our modern life-style such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Attention Deficit Disorder respond favorably to traditional (meaning before drugs were developed) methods.

Our lives today are much more affected by our environment than in the past. We are stressed every day by chemical pollution in our homes, where we work, in the air on our way to work, heavy metals, where we exercise and play, the food we eat. Even what is now known as ‘electro smog”, the radio wave pollution constantly around us from cell towers. This toxic burden is rapidly becoming detrimental to planet earth and all of its inhabitants, especially us humans. While we enjoy unimagined technological advances, new and greater health challenges abound.

Man has always had a wonderful ability to adapt to his environment. The problem now is that technological advancement has speeded up so much that we can no longer adapt. The result is that we get a toxic overload that begins to affect the very basic processes in our bodies. And so over time symptoms develop and doctors treat us with chemical drugs that often make matters worse from unintended side-effects.

How can German Biological Medicine help?

The very foundation of German Biological Medicine is to help clean up our bodies from too many poisons.

The very first thing we do is determine the sources of stress in your environment and begin to make changes towards a healthier lifestyle (proper nutrition, exercise, chiropractic spinal alignment, etc.).

Then we strengthen the Organs of Elimination (Liver, Kidney, Spleen) using low-potency homeopathic and herbal formulas that increase circulation and metabolic function. This eliminates toxic deposits and allows the body to begin healing itself.

And finally we use higher-potency remedies to reverse disease and to achieve optimal health potential.

The treatment of today’s patients requires a structured combination of biological therapies.


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