Colon Cleanse

Colon Cleanse

Let us compare our colon (large intestine) to the plumbing in a house or apartment building. There are two major functions for the pipes in our house: to bring water in and to flush waste out. In our bodies, the alimentary canal does the same thing. It begins at our mouth, runs all the way through our body and ends at our anus. We introduce food into our system at the mouth and eliminate waste at the other end. A colon cleanse is like a gentle roto rooter for our body. If the pipes in our house become clogged up, we either introduce a wire into the pipe to free up the clog or we pour enzymes into the system to clean it up. A colon cleanser is like enzymes because it is introduced naturally into the mouth and it gently works its way through the system. Its job is to assist our body to eliminate waste material that has become packed along the walls of the tube that makes up the colon. A lifetime of backed up “plumbing” is a breeding ground for the second most common cause of cancer death: colon cancer.

The more that old, putrid fecal material lines the colon walls, the harder it is for us to get rid of today’s current waste. The special ingredients in colon cleanses absorb and detoxify the large intestine. This enables the body to function normally. When the colon, the major pathway of elimination is clogged up, the next most important pathway takes over: the skin. When we have to rely on our skin to eliminate waste, it soon becomes overworked and shows it. It can develop boils and pimples as the waste oozes to the surface.

On the other hand, when the coloncleanse is working well, our skin becomes radiant and vibrant. One of the many benefits of a colon cleanse is a healthy complexion. Other benefits include improved bowel function and greater absorption of nutrition from our food. After every meal the body signals us to evacuate our bowel. Two to three bowel movements a day is a sign of a healthy colon. That gives us greater energy and better sleep, both of which improve our outlook on life.


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